Integrative Myco-Medicine Association

Integrative MycoMedicine Association (IMMA) was born to offer health professionals all the knowledge and scientific evidence of medicinal mushrooms applied to improve people’s well-being.

IMMA is an international reference association formed by experts in the sector where you can find any information related to medicinal mushrooms and scientifically validated health.

This association offers you educational resources of scientific rigor that relate the main properties of medicinal mushrooms with the various pathologies where their effect has been proven with scientific evidence. The information areas you will be able to find are the following:

  • Pathology description and its conventional treatments
  • Medicinal mushroom’s description and therapeutic properties
  • Scientific evidence on the medicinal mushrooms use and its main metabolic effects to improve people’s well-being
  • Nutrition
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Clinical cases

Our post authors

Martin Auerswald

Martin is a Biochemist, molecular biotechnologist, and mycotherapist. He has gained experience in clinical research (University Hospital Erlangen).
Martin reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month by developing new content through Germany’s largest online health congress (Immunabwehr-Kongress) and his work as editor-in-chief in various online magazines.

Hania Opienski

Hania is a Mycotherapy specialist with an extensive background in the natural medicine field. She is a qualified naturopath, master coach, life alignment healer, and teacher, and she has worked with thousands of clients for many years as a traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist, wellness consultant, and healer.

She has developed a passion for food as medicine, functional plants, and mushrooms. After years of clinical practice in acupuncture in London, Melbourne, and South East Asia, Hania returned to the UK where she works as a Mycotherapy specialist and coach.

British Acupuncture Council ID: 958085